Josh Allison

My name is Josh Allison and I'm from Scottsboro Alabama. I remember when I was 5 walking around my parents house with a notebook and a pen drawing everything I could. So I've always had a lover for art. Fast forward 30 years. I've been a full time musician for over 12 years and the artist in me wants to come out. I was gifted a wood burning set about 3 years ago and the idea hit me! I wonder if this could cut through vinyl records? I purchased some X-acto knife tips for the wood burner and the rest is history.

Art and music are important to me because there's more to me than just something to look at and listen to. It's memories, connection, understanding and love without boundaries. If you can pinpoint that feeling when you see or hear something that stops you in your tracks, that's what it's all about!

Vita Nova Vinyl

(Latin - New Live Vinyl)

I hand cut recycled vinyl records to give them new life! I use random records that best represents the image, unless a specific album is requested.

I can do a variety of designs for any occasion! If you can capture it with a picture I can cut it out of vinyl.

Great to commemorate:

Family Portraits
Band Logos
Company Logos
Sports Teams